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      The water screen plumb water screen digital curtain, curtain graphic. Digital water curtain as its basic elements, in order to achieve the display effect of water curtain, curtain to perfect the art form of digital display technology, quickly attracted the attention of the crowd. It is composed of flowing water. Under the precise control of multimedia computer, the flowing water wall can show a variety of running, graphics, and can play logo, text, Chinese characters, English graphic text information and other styles. Pull the curtain hanging curtain also known as he is in the light, water, and the electromagnetic valve combined to water down, produce different effects, different distance between the water curtain effect is different, a line of water from the top down, sometimes like raindrops, sometimes like the pull in colorful curtain LED lamp irradiation. How bright, with the change of light waterline is also changing, every day a wiring water just like colorful small Yu Zhu, beauty of countless, he is also indispensable in modern indoor waterscape products. Scope of application: suitable for large screen performances, fashion show, and the high places of the Yingbin curtain, stage background screen, curtain ring and performer interaction, hotel lobby, wedding celebration, fashion products, exhibition landscape advertising media; commercial square, pedestrian street, high-grade health, advertising, theatre large shopping malls, door, disco, KTV, tourist attractions, theme parks, entertainment, science and Technology Museum, theme Planning Museum, museum education, children's Science Park can do for a display of new media.

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