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      Fountain nozzle: also known as the fountain nozzles used in all copper or stainless steel, so the color of gold or silver with a shiny, luxurious spray appears. Their craft exquisite appearance, rational structure, performance, energy efficient. One commonly used are: KT DC adjustable nozzle, BQ hemispherical heads, QN morning glory nozzle, SB Ice-shaped nozzle, HZ Style nozzle, LH fireworks nozzle, YQ Yongquan nozzle, YZ Yu-zhu nozzle, XZ rotating nozzle, XZ rotation flowers blue, XZ rotation Holiday Cactus, BZ fan-shaped nozzle, WZ mist nozzles, JQ filling nozzles, ZS straight nozzle, DX directional water curtain sprinklers, PG dandelion heads, KQ peacock heads, HX Annular Nozzle , GS overhead sprinklers, SM water curtain nozzle, BM 100 meters nozzle, CP lawn sprinklers and other products.

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