About us


    Jiangsu Shuilang Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Yixing city, which is located in coast of Taihu Lake, joint area of Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Anhui province, named as pottery capital, world of cave, tea oasis, bamboo sea, hometown of professors and hometown of environment protection, is one professional producer for fountain equipment design, manufacturing, installation , test run and maintenance.

    The fountain has long history in China, in recent years, with the rapid development of the civic construction, and the fountain technology has achieved great progress. In the large-scale and middle-scale cities all over the country, even some small towns have all built the fountain project, especially the hotel and tourism points, the fountain waterscape almost becomes the necessary content. Not only the park, plaza and yard but also the hobby, meeting hall, banquet room, dance hall, indoor garden, stores and bars also built up many different-scale fountain project, which can beautify and decorate the environment, attract the customers etc, so it is quite popular in these places.

    Now the waterscape fountain is not only the Chinese traditional mirror pool, stream or multifold fountain, but also takes all kinds of modern shaping technology, color lighting technology and auto-control technology, make the waterscape, music and color etc interfuse. Our fountain equipment is mainly used in civic building, garden decoration, hotel arrangement, and the environment beautifying of school and factories. We have professional high-level fountain design staffs and installation technicians, has developed several new-type waterscape nozzles and fountain equipment. Main products include: music-control fountain, dry fountain, PLC fountain, fog fountain, lightsome fountain, laser water curtain movie etc. Product advantages: delicate design, new shape and convenient operation.

    We believe that honest is the enterprise’s image, talented person is the enterprise’s blood, technology is the enterprise’s driving force, management is the enterprise’s base, we will obey the modern business principal strictly, carry out the modern management idea, import the talented person, develop more new products, decorate the environment with colorful waterscape.

    Company management idea: scientific management, continuous innovation, resolve to succeed, seek for greater perfection.

Company management idea: scientific management, continuous innovation, resolve to succeed, seek for greater perfection.