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      Water Curtain Film: The projector uses a special broadcast, the use of video is also dedicated to water curtain movie special video. As the movie screen is transparent water film, so the film will be playing a special kind of optical effects, penetrating the screen of the visual images can have a three-dimensional sense of the content of the film with clever combination of water, more There is a sense of immersive fantasy. Water curtain film is through high-pressure pumps and specially designed water curtain generator, the water bottom-up, high-speed spray, fog formed after the fan-shaped "screen", by the dedicated video projector will be a special projection of the "screen" on the formation of water curtain movie. When viewers watch the movie, fan-shaped curtain of water and the natural integration of the night sky, when the figure out of screen, as if people fly to the sky or from the days Tengqi fall from the sky, creating a kind of illusory and fantastic feeling and fun. Their control methods are: programming control, direct control and practical process control, water curtain movie video effects of unusual, novel, and is an excellent advertising tool for a wide variety of squares and surface water curtain can be installed according to the film.

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