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       New product--Characteristic of the LED multi-color underlight: 1, long life: Uses imports the LED photo source, the service life is above 100,000 hours. 2, consumes energy lowly: Average 15 grain of LED is 3W, the maximum work rate is 30W. 3, high energy conservation: The power consumption for the traditional same level power can the lamp 1/5, the energy conservation reach 90%. 4, ultra brightness: Brightness may reach above 10.000MCD. But perpendicular incidence, scattering. 5, low temperature cold light: For the solid state cold light source, does not give off heat. 6, healthy environmental protection: Not purple, the infrared emission, the solid illumination does not have the pollution, dodges without the frequency. 7, low pressure security: May in 6V, 12V, 24V--between 220V transforms at will. 8, anticorrosion, rust prevention: The lamp body uses the entire stainless steel or ABS. 9, the waterproofing, moisture-proof, against expose to the sun: Uses the silica gel waterproofing, the circuit wafer after three resin seals, the protection rank is the IP68 level. 10, firm pressure resistance: The lamp body for the entire stainless steel, ABS, uses the armored glass, thickness is 1.2 centimeters. 11, easy installation: The use software chip programming, does not need the controller then to transform the color and the movement condition function procedure. the LED- submarine colored lantern series includes: Red, yellow, blue, green, white, and so on many kinds of colors may supply the choice. Philips Underwater Lantern: The Dutch company Philips, underwater light, accompanied by all-copper or plastic accessories crafted, lamps long life, safe and reliable, colorful and can be widely used in fountains, waterfalls and water Under the illumination can be used for artificial hills, bridges and other cast lighting.

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