Changchun Nanhu Bridge Music Fountain reopened
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The reporter saw in Nanhu Bridge that technicians were making final debugging before opening the music fountain. "Since mid-April, we have dispatched more than 40 professional technicians, such as sound engineers and electrical engineers, to focus on equipment overhaul and maintenance of music fountains, so as to achieve the perfect fit between music and fountains." Dong Jianyu, deputy director of the city street lamp management office, told the reporter that as the first bridge music fountain project in Changchun, the music fountain of Nanhu Bridge adopts numerical control technology, and the water system consists of 280 sets of numerical control nozzles, which can flexibly and accurately complete swinging movements at various angles and speeds; The lighting system consists of 560 sets of numerical control high-power LED lights, which can complete various special lighting performances. On May 1st last year, the Music Fountain of Nanhu Bridge was officially put into use. Due to climatic reasons, since October 23rd last year, the fountain system has been maintained and suspended in winter. With the warming of the weather, the conditions for the music fountain to resume use have been met.

Accompanied by music that is sometimes melodious and sometimes loud, the water columns are like beautiful dancers, dancing in the charming night sky … As an important landmark of Changchun, the music fountain of Nanhu Bridge is deeply loved by people. On April 30th, the reporter learned from Changchun Construction Committee that the Music Fountain of Nanhu Bridge was reopened from May 1st, and the opening hours were Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

From May 1st, the Music Fountain of Nanhu Bridge will be reopened on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. There will be 3 performances every day, which are 20: 00, 20: 40 and 21: 20, respectively, and each performance will last for 6 minutes. There are 10 music performances such as "I Love You China", "Liang Zhu" and "We Meet in Changchun".